Discover why conversion rate optimization is...

The Easiest, Most Reliable, And FASTEST Way To Increase Your Bottom-Line Profits
By 10% - 80%... Guaranteed!

From: Jeremy Reeves (Copywriter, marketing strategist, author and split-testing expert)
To: Business owners looking to skyrocket conversions and profits...

Dear friend and business owner,

You can't deny it...

... conversion rate optimization is the single most profitable, reliable, and consistent way to grow your business and skyrocket your profit margin.

Bold statement to make?

Not really.

Let's look at the facts...

7 Rarely Thought Of "Happy Side Effects"
Of Optimizing Your Website Conversions

Most people understand why split-testing is so valuable.

After all, if you increase your conversions by 20% - you automatically increase your profits by 20%.



Actually, the return on investment is much higher than that when you factor in your price, COGS, and your back-end sales funnel (if you have one).

How Much Profit
Are YOU Currently Losing?

It's impossible to understand how valuable conversion rate optimization can be until you get a first-hand view of just how much profit you're already losing due to poor conversions.

Opens in Numbers and Microsoft Office

Exactly how much will a 20%... 30%... 50%... 100% or higher increase in conversions do for YOUR particular website and business?

Download this FREE spreadsheet calculator and in just seconds you'll have your answer.

(I guarantee you'll be shocked)

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... but that's not all.

The best marketers take those increases in conversions and transform them into OTHER benefits, what I like to call "happy side effects", such as...

    1. Outspending the competition - Think about it. The more profit you're making, the more you can afford to outspend your competition which builds brand awareness and increases your traffic (plus eliminates that competition!). This is one of the easiest ways to dominate your market, and very few people do it!

    2. Increased Affiliate Commissions - Have an affiliate program and want to ramp it up? All you have to do is increase the commissions. Do that, tell them about it, and affiliates will start knocking down your door. But the only way you can afford that is by increasing your conversions.

    3. Fund New Projects - Every business owner has "something" they've always wanted to test out but never wanted to risk their current profits. If you increase your conversions, you'll have extra cash to put into funding new projects!

    4. Buy More Traffic - Along with conversions, traffic is essential to skyrocketing your profits. The catch-22 is that without high conversions, you can't afford to pay for better traffic! With higher conversions and higher profits, new traffic sources come to life, funneling new customers and new profits into your bottom-line.

    5. Hire New Employees - Have a "soft spot" in your business which needs a full-time employee to ramp it up, yet don't have the profits to hire someone? The fastest solution I've ever seen is to boost your conversions - and then hire that new employee. Easy. Fast. Effective. I can even tell you what leaky bucket in your business needs to be filled first.

    6. Create New Products Or Services - Here's a phenomenon you may not know. The most prolific experts in a given niche, are almost always the most succesful. The more products or services you have - the better you can serve your customers (which means a higher chance of getting customers). And the more upsell, cross-sell and downsell opportunities you have. And the more PROFIT potential you have!

    7. Test New Forms Of Advertising - One of the clients I'm working with as I type this has taken the increased profits from working with me, and transferred it to testing out new forms of advertising. In his case, he's sending direct mail letters to existing customers, selling his most profitable product. Since direct mail can sometimes get expensive, he never wanted to try it until he saw how much of an increase in profit he was getting!

These 7 "happy side effects" of split-testing are waiting for you like a baby bird waiting patiently for it's mother to return with food.

However, without increasing your conversions... you'll never have the chance to grow your business as quickly as you could if you bumped your conversions by 20%... 40%... 80% or even more.

The fact is, if you aren't currently optimizing your conversion rate... you ARE losing out on sales.

How do I know this?


You're Not A Mind-Reader... And Neither Am I

Look, as much as you and I would like to think that we "know our customers" perfectly well, we don't. It's really as simple as that. It's impossible to know what kind of design, copy style, images, guarantee and risk-reversal, colors etc. that your customers want.

THAT is why you must split-test.

Every single business I've ever come across has a MINIMUM of a 20-30% "conversion reserve" left in their tank. In 95% of sites - that number is closer to 100 or 200%.

In fact, I've literally never had a client where I couldn't increase their conversions.


In fact, let me show you just a few of the results I've gotten for my clients...

Results I've Gotten For Myself And My Clients Which Exploded Their Profits With Very Little
Or No Work On Their Part...

Let's start off with one of my favorite video testimonials I've ever gotten, from an amazing person and client of mine... Nathan Amaral.

When I first started working with Nathan and his family bakery business, they had dismal results. Sales were only about $500 per month through his website and the business was on it's way to the grave.

So Nathan hired me to test his website copy and...

... within just a few months his sales SOARED to $8,000 per month.... $10,000 per month... and now hover around $15,000 per month!

Here's Nathan himself...

And here are many more recent results I've gotten for my own personal side businesses as well as clients...


My Most Recent CASE STUDY...
Jesse Cannone

"I've been desperately searching for the perfect split-testing expert for the past 2 years. I've worked with at least a 1/2 dozen of them... many of them charging simply outrageous fee's...

... and not 1 of them has given me the results Jeremy Reeves has.

So far since hiring him he's already given me a 40% boost on 1 salesletter he re-wrote, a 60% increase on another, a 44% bump for another product, and SEVERAL others with similar results.

We recently did a very soft launch with a new product. Jeremy created the marketing for it and somehow managed to get a 5.92% conversion on a $77 product!

In fact, I recouped my investment with Jeremy within the SAME day we launched it... and within a week already had made a 600% ROI on the money I invested to hire Jeremy... with a SMALL promotion which went out to a TINY FRACTION of my list!

Jeremy is easy to work with... produces fantastic results... and even sets up multiple split-tests and creates the in-page design for maximum results.

What else can you ask for in a split-testing expert?

Jesse Cannone


Jeremy Reeves Skyrocketed My Email Campaign
By A Whopping 270%!

I started working with Jeremy about 3 years ago and have gone back to him ANY time I need anything done to increase my profits.

Just a few of the projects we've done together include re-writing a salesletter of mine, creating a 55-email marketing campaign, ongoing split-testing, and creating an automated webinar for my franchise business.

"Jeremy Reeves email marketing service has been a real difference maker for us. Our revenue from our follow up sequences has improved over 270% since we hired Jeremy to map out and create a more effective set of emails for two of our businesses.

If you're looking for writing that produces results, look no further than Jeremy!"

Pat Rigsby
Co-Owner of Fitness Consulting Group IYCA

"55% Conversion Rate
In Under 3 Hours..."

"55% conversion rate on a last-minute landing page you wrote for us in under 3 hours...need I say more?

You RULE!"

Leo DeLeon

"Produced Cold Traffic Straight To A Salesletter That Is Converting At 4%..."

"Jeremy has produced cold traffic (targeted) straight to a salesletter that is converting at 4%.

I have never seen that before.

Hire Jeremy if you can, it will be the best investment you will make."

Manny Singh
Seattle, WA
Hotel investor/owner

“39% Increase In Conversions!”

We thought we had the best copy until we met Jeremy. Jeremy did an outstanding job, which had an immediate impact on our campaigns.

We saw an instant 39% increase in conversions after he worked his magic on our landing page.

This will add tens of thousands of dollars to our bottom line this year”.

- Ramel Levin
Panaya Inc.


Testing Isn't JUST About Testing
Landing Pages And Salesletters!

One of the mistakes most split-testing professionals make is sticking to just landing pages and salesletters.

I say they're insane.


Because there are too many other opportunities to make you money!

Below is a list of the various tests I can do for you to increase your profit in EVERY area of your business.

Emails - Depending on what email service you use, emails and even autoresponder sequences are an easy way to add double-digit profit increases to your business .

Back-End Sequences - Most people test front-end offers only. That's it. And they're losing THOUSANDS of dollars per month because of it. In order to truly maximize how much extra profit you can create in your business, you must be testing your back-end including upsells, downsells, cross-sells and more!

PPC Ads - Want an easy way to increase your traffic AND decrease your cost-per-click at the same time? The easiest way is to increase the CTR in your PPC ads!

Direct Mail - If you're smart, you're combining online and offline marketing. Sending direct mail (which can easily be automated) to your BUYERS is one of the easiest, most reliable, and fastest ways to give your business a quick injection of cash. Split-testing this direct mail to find out which works best... is crucial to maximizing your potential.

Anything On A Blog - Want to get more subscribers? Split-test whatever method you're using to get those subscribers. Want to boost clicks to banners on your site? Test those banners! The possibilities are limitless.

As you can see, your current bucket is filled with a scattershot of holes. These holes are costing your business thousands of dollars in profit every single month.

And that's not necessary!

Your business is leaking profits every single day... and going straight to your competitors!

You need someone to come in and fix your leaky bucket. To fix the parts of your business that need help with conversions and increasing profit.

Imagine what it will feel like as, just a few weeks from now, you see your highest profit product becoming even MORE profitable than it is now.

As you wake up each morning, you know you have someone on your side working to make your business more profitable each and every month. To make sure your business not only stays afloat, but skyrockets past your competitors even in the lousy economy we're in now.

Every night, you'll sleep soundly... knowing that you don't have anything to worry about.

You'll be able to then funnel that extra profit into bigger and better opportunities while your competitors are sitting idly with looks of terror on their face... wondering how you're dominating the market.

Sound good?

It gets better.


You're Money Is 100% Safe By My
DOUBLE "You Risk Nothing" Positive-ROI Guarantee

It's pretty simple...

You're guaranteed to have a positive return on your investment when working with me, or you literally never have to risk a penny.

Look, I'm sure you've worked with a lot of service providers.

And as we both know - most of them SUCK.

They overpromise, underdeliver, and leave you with a lighter wallet and mountains of regret.

I don't do that nonsense.

I'm a business owner too, and I understand that every decision is made with the bottom-line in mind. If you're likely to get a positive ROI, you go ahead.

If not, you don't.

It's actually pretty simple if you think about it.

That's why I'd like to offer you...

My DOUBLE "You Risk Nothing"
Positive-ROI Guarantee

Guarantee #1:
Positive ROI

When we discuss our customized fee arrangement, we'll come up with a specific ROI you want to receive with a specific amount of time.

If I don't hit those agreed-upon goals, I'll work for FREE until I do!

Guarantee #2:
3 Month Breakeven

If within 3 months I haven't increased your sales by at least as much as you're monthly investment, I'll refund you 100% of your money (all 3 months).

So far, this has never happened... but if it does... it means you risk nothing!


Reserve Your FREE
Conversion Rate And Profit Analysis Today!

Here's the deal.

Due to the nature of any service-based business, I can only take on a very limited amount of clients at any given time.

This number varies depending on various factors... but all you need to know is this.

For you, that means my availability is VERY limited and I can't guarantee that I can help you today or even in the future.

What I CAN guarantee you is that if you want the best shot at increasing your profits due to better conversions rate optimization... you need to get in touch with me TODAY.

Here's what you need to do.

Step #1: Scroll down the page and fill out the form.

Step #2: I'll perform a conversion-critique on your website and set up a time to schedule a phone conversation so we can go over the results. Even if we don't end up working together, you'll still come away with several items that you can test on your own.

Step #3: We'll talk about your investment and come up with a customized solution for YOUR business. Understand that since I'm so confident that I can increase your conversions, I DO sometimes work on a performance basis if it's the right fit for both you and I. And remember, your investment is ALWAYS guaranteed to make you a substantial ROI!

Before We Talk... Please Read The Following
To Make Sure You Qualify

One thing you need to know is that I DO NOT accept everyone who asks to work with me. I have a few guidelines you must meet before I work with you:
  1. You must understand the value of testing - Conversion rate optimization can be one of the highest ROI activities you can ever do for your business. However, most people don't really "get" testing or why it's so important. I'm only looking to work with people who already understand how powerful it can be. If you're still a little fuzzy, be sure to download my split-testing calculator to see just how much extra profit testing can funnel into your business!

  2. You aren't expecting overnight miracles - I'm not going to promise that I'll double your conversions in the first month. Can it happen? Of course, but it's not likely. Testing takes time and is an ONGOING process. You can't expect to optimize your conversion rate for a month or two and quadruple your profits.

  3. You must let ME be the expert - For whatever reason, some people like to hire experts for their business, but then tell that expert what to do. If you're that kind of person, please don't fill out the form as we won't be working together very long. I DO take suggestions, however, but not demands.

If you passed my little "test" - I ask that you fill out the form below.

It will only take you a few seconds to complete.

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Your partner in profits,


Jeremy Reeves
(Copywriter, marketing strategist, author and split-testing expert)