Looking for a freelance copywriter that gets results?

An Open Letter To Anyone Thinking Of Hiring A Freelance Copywriter...

From: Freelance copywriter Jeremy Reeves
To: Business owners looking to boost profits...

Dear friend and business owner,

Hi, my name is Jeremy Reeves and I'm a freelance copywriter.

I've also spoken on stage with some of the best... written several books... and have conducted over 150 split-tests for both myself and clients.

And on this page, I'm NOT going to try and "sell you" on hiring me.


Because I don't believe that's a good way to start a relationship.

Instead I'll tell you a little about myself, the results I've gotten for my clients, and how I could potentially help you.

If you like what you see... great.

You can fill out one of the forms on this page and either get more information about me (including samples, what types of marketing I can help with, results, and more), or schedule a FREE consultation.

In other words, this page will contain...

No fluff.

No bull.

No sneaky persuasion tricks.

Honestly, there's no need for any of that.

By the end of this page you'll be able to tell if I can grow your business or not.

So let's get started with the FIRST thing I'm sure you want to know...

What Makes Me Different Than The Other Million
Freelance Copywriters Out There?

As a business owner, I understand you're looking for the most "risk-free" copywriter you can find. After all, you're spending your hard-earned money and putting your trust in someone you've never worked with before.

I get that.

I run my own business and frequently outsource many projects myself.

With that said, here are just a small handful of reasons I might be a good fit for your upcoming project.

My TRIPLE Guarantee

Most copywriters won't guarantee that their copy because it's "impossible to guarantee a result".

That's BS. They simply aren't confident in what they do.

You're spending good money with me and you deserve to get that money back while maintaining a very high ROI. All it takes is a simple test to determine if you make or lose money after hiring me.

That's why I actually have THREE guarantees...

#1: If I'm rewriting an existing salesletter (or landing page, etc.)... I GUARANTEE my version will outperform the existing piece. If it doesn't the first time, I'll continue testing and tweaking it... FREE... until it does.

#2: If you're creating a salesletter from scratch... I can't guarantee a specific result (too many variables)... however I can guarantee that by the time it goes live, you'll be 100% positive that the letter will do fantastically well. I'll even give you several different headlines to try, to maximize your results.

#3: No matter what project you have, you'll be 100% ecstatic at the end - Look, I don't do this to get one project from you. My goal is to get our coming back to me again and again and again for both copy as well as marketing advice. So why would I rush the first job? I understand the value my clients bring to me... so I guarantee that by the time our first project is over, you'll not only be happy, but absolutely ecstatic about the future.

My Background

I have a degree in human psychology.

I create marketing campaigns based off human psychology, not "theories" of what work. Because each market is different. Each product is different. And each visitor, depending on traffic source, is different.

I combine my knowledge of human psychology... with the tens of millions of dollars in real-world split-testing research I have under my belt... along with advanced marketing strategies to create marketing campaigns that skyrocket your bottom-line profits.

My Methodology

I follow a rigorous process for creating copy.

It starts with DOZENS of hours of in-depth research which allows me to get deep inside the mind of your best prospect.

I then transfer this research into a rough outline and start writing.

Once I'm done writing, the copy goes through a 77-point checklist to make sure EVERY conversion-increasing tactic possible is on the page. This helps me deliver consistent, RELIABLE results. It's why I'm willing to back up what I say by offering my guarantee.

My Results

Before you read further, I want to apologize for this section being quite lengthy. After all, the more results you get for clients, the longer it takes to show them. Below are a variety of my results shown in the form of a video... specific results I've gotten them... case studies... testimonials as well as video testimonials.

FIRST: In my career I've done at least 150 split-tests for clients which have massively increased their business. Here are just

Click the video below to see just a handful of my results...

Click here to schedule a FREE
30 minute needs-analysis consultation

And more results...

One landing page I created currently has a 75.73% conversion rate

 A sales letter I wrote is currently converting at 8.3%... with an upsell of roughly 30% on a $197 product

Another one I wrote (one of my side projects)...is converting at about 4-6%, depending on the traffic source

 Another landing page I wrote converted at 60%... for a money-making product!

 A weight loss salesletter I wrote in 3 hours converted at 5% with the right traffic...

One client hired me to re-do his salesletter in a niche who hated to part with money... and I doubled his conversions within 3 days...

A salesletter I re-wrote for 1 client ended up giving him a whopping $10.25 earnings-per-visitor... that means for each person that hits his site - he's making $10.25!

A client of mine you'll meet below got 10x the investment he made in my copy back within a week!

Here's What Some Other Clients Of Mine
Have Recently Said...

My Most Recent CASE STUDY...
Jesse Cannone

"I've been trying to find the right copywriter for business for the past 2 years. I've worked with at least a 1/2 dozen of them... many of them being copywriters who charge $15,000 + royalties for a single job.

... and not 1 of them has given me the results Jeremy Reeves has.

So far since hiring him he's already given me a 40% boost on 1 salesletter he re-wrote and a 60% increase on another.

We recently did a very soft launch with a new product and Jeremy somehow managed to get a 5.92% conversion on a $77 product! In fact, I recouped my investment with Jeremy within the SAME day... and within a week already had made a 600% ROI on the money I invested to hire Jeremy... with a SMALL promotion which went out to a TINY FRACTION of my list!

I've since stopped my look for copywriters, because Jeremy is easy to work with... produces fantastic results... and even sets up multiple split-tests and creates the in-page design for maximum results.

What else can you ask for in a copywriter?

Jesse Cannone


Jeremy Reeves Skyrocketed My Email Campaign
By A Whopping 270%!

I started working with Jeremy about 3 years ago and have gone back to him ANY time I need anything done to increase my profits.

Just a few of the projects we've done together include re-writing a salesletter of mine, creating a 55-email marketing campaign, ongoing split-testing, and creating an automated webinar for my franchise business.

"Jeremy Reeves email marketing service has been a real difference maker for us. Our revenue from our follow up sequences has improved over 270% since we hired Jeremy to map out and create a more effective set of emails for two of our businesses.

If you're looking for writing that produces results, look no further than Jeremy!"

Pat Rigsby
Co-Owner of Fitness Consulting Group IYCA

Jeremy Reeves Took My Family Business
From $500/Month to $15,000/Month!

“39% Increase In Conversions!”

We thought we had the best copy until we met Jeremy. Jeremy did an outstanding job, which had an immediate impact on our campaigns.

We saw an instant 39% increase in conversions after he worked his magic on our landing page.

This will add tens of thousands of dollars to our bottom line this year”.

- Ramel Levin
Panaya Inc.


"You Are A Machine!"



Great stuff man, I'm definitely hiring you again!

Brian Cannone


"The Moment The Campaign
Went Live - Our Sales Shot Up...."

"Jeremy Reeves wrote a highly effective 8 day email campaign that resulted in higher sales for our company.

I'm not exactly sure how much... but the moment the campaign went live - our sales shot up.

He's trustworthy and hard working.  I am truly glad that I decided to do business with him."

Steve Davis

"55% Conversion Rate
In Under 3 Hours..."

"55% conversion rate on a last-minute landing page you wrote for us in under 3 hours...need I say more?

You RULE!"

Leo DeLeon


"Produced Cold Traffic Straight To A Salesletter That Is Converting At 4%..."

"Jeremy has produced cold traffic (targeted) straight to a salesletter that is converting at 4%.

I have never seen that before.

Hire Jeremy if you can, it will be the best investment you will make."

Manny Singh
Seattle, WA
Hotel investor/owner


"Trust him with filling the seats of every seminar I produce..."

"Since meeting Jeremy a few years ago and seeing his copy work in action... I've literally stopped my search for great copywriters - because I found the best for my money!

I now trust him with filling the seats of every seminar I produce... which is saying a lot about his skills!"

John Halpin


I Know What REALLY Works

Let me be a little blunt here.

Most copywriters don't know what REALLY works in the market. They have theories... maybe "best guesses" about what improves conversions and profits, but not facts.

I have facts.Marketing Experiments Professional Certification Program


While I'm a freelance copywriter, I'm also a split-testing specialist. In fact I'm even a certified optimization specialist and partner of Visual Website Optimizer. I even wrote my own book called "The Conversion Cheat Sheet" (opens in a new window which you can view later).

When I write copy, whether it's for a salesletter... landing page... email... or anything else... what I write and how I go about it is based on scientific FACTS about what works and what doesn't.

As you can tell... I work quite differently than the average freelance copywriter. That's why my results are CONSISTENT and RELIABLE. When I create a new salesletter (or any type of marketing)... I know for a fact it'll get results for you.

That's why my clients come back to me again and again. Many of my clients have trusted me as their freelance copywriter for years and years.

Here are just a handful of those clients...

Here Are A Few Of The Clients
I've Had The Pleasure Of Working With...

I've worked with people from ALL over the world. From the United States where I live, to New Zealand, to Australia and many other countries. From local "brick and mortar" businesses... to underground 6-figure earners... to multi-million dollar businesses... to celebrities.

Here's just a small list of the people I've worked with.

Robert G. Allen and Mark Victor Hansen - the authors of Chicken Soup For The Soul

Internet marketer & founder of several multimillion dollar online businesses

The Natural Health Sherpa

Bel Marra Nutritionals

Loral Langamaier ("The Millionaire Maker")

Millionaire network marketer Tim Sales

TV show host Than Merill

Fitness legend Tom Venuto

Real estate mogul David Lindahl

The guys who used to manage the well-known band "Guns n Roses"

Back pain expert Jesse Cannone

Brilliant internet market Mike Lovitch

Co-creator of 4 different multi-million dollar companies, Mike Litman

... and MANY more 6-7-8 figure online and offline business owners!

In fact Robert G. Allen, one of the most famous authors in history, was so impressed with my work that he made a special video just for YOU!

Why A Good Freelance Copywriter Doesn't
"Cost" You Anything...

Some people don't understand that a good freelance copywriter doesn't cost you money, we MAKE you money. You need to understand that this is an investment. If you can't grasp that fact, I might not be the right copywriter for you.

If you hire the right one, you're going to spend a certain amount of money to get your copy written, but your returns on that money will be MANY times the price you pay.

And... the better results you get, the faster you get your money back.

I always suggest trying to determine the approximate return on investment you'll make when hiring a direct marketing copywriter. Or anybody for that matter.

For example, let's say you give someone $5,000 to write a salesletter for you. The question you want to ask yourself is...

"How quickly am I going to get back my money?"

This is the single most important question you can ever ask when doing ANY type of investing, whether it's for your business by hiring a copywriter... or even in the stock market.

Let's Do Some Quick Math
To Show You Exactly What I Mean

Let's say you have a product selling for $47, and you expect to get 200 visitors per day to your site.

Let's compare your return on investment by hiring a "cheap" copywriter versus a more expensive one.

Cheap Copywriter

He charges you $2,000 to write a full blown salesletter. He gets you a conversion rate of 2%. Not horrible but certainly nothing to be proud of.

With 200 visitors per day, that's 4 sales per day, which comes out to $5,640 per month. That means you'd get your money back in about 2 weeks, and would have roughly a $68,000 per year business.

Expensive Copywriter

Let's say he charges you $6,000 to write a full blown salesletter, but gets you a conversion rate of 3% instead of 2%. This is VERY realistic.

That gives you 6 sales per day instead of 4, bringing you in $282 per day... or $8,460 each month. This time you'll need to wait about 3 weeks to get your money back..

... however, you'll now have a business making $101,520 per year instead of $68,000!

That's an increase of $33,520... for spending an extra $4,000 initially. That's like getting your money back a little over 8 times.

So Exactly How Much Do
MY Services Cost?

That really depends.

As a freelance copywriter, I first have to understand what your business is, why you need me and what your goals are.

Without that information I couldn't possibly tell you how much I charge.

That's why I suggest that, IF you're serious about this, take advantage of my FREE Needs Analysis consultation so I can get to know your business a little better. That way we can figure out whether or not I can help you.

If you aren't willing to spend 20-30 minutes talking about how to increase YOUR business, you probably aren't meant to be a client of mine.

Get Your Free
30 Minute Consultation
(Or Get More Information...)

The best thing to do next is fill out the form below to schedule your FREE 30 minute needs analysis consultation. If you aren't ready for that just yet, you can also choose an option to simply get more information about me, including samples... projects I can help with... and more.

Know this: If you choose a consultation, the 30 minutes we spend together will NOT be a giant sales pitch. That's not how I like to do business.

Instead, we'll talk about YOUR business and I can help you determine what you need to succeed with your project. Many times it's not what you think.

You can ask me any questions you like... and if at the end of this call you think I'm right for the project, that's great. If not, that's perfectly fine too.

I love helping people, and while you and I might not work together... I can usually point you to someone I know who CAN help you. Or I can give you some type of resource that will help your business.

So fill out the form below.

You can fill out one of the forms on this page and either get more information about me (including samples, what types of marketing I can help with, results, and more), or schedule a FREE consultation.

Your partner in profits,


Jeremy Reeves
Freelance copywriter, marketing strategist, split-testing specialist

P.S. While I don't accept all clients who want to work with me, I DO like to help people. So even if you don't think we'd be a good fit for each other, feel free to fill out my form and say so. I can still help you by referring you to someone I know, or giving you any resources you may need that will help you.